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Solutions To Top Challenges

I’m hired for short term and long term assignments, both part-time and full-time. I work onsite and remote.

Custom WordPress Websites

Transform Your Website into Your Best Sales Agent –or Risk Losing Business

Your website is a big deal. Get it right! On a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Over 90% of your prospective customers will check out your website before deciding to do business with you. Your website needs to be not only beautiful and engaging, but also a dynamic sales agent. Use a custom WordPress website to impress your customers and sell more.

Get Found First!

Make sure your customers find YOU before they find your competitors. To remain competitive, you need to be found online by those searching for your products and services. Are you find-able? Are you ahead of your competitors? Get on the top of page 1.

Inbound Marketing

Make Every Marketing Dollar Count

Use my Clear Target Marketing and Least Cost Advertising methods for all of your marketing channels. Your website, your email marketing, your Google AdWords, your Facebook posts, even your on-page SEO. Stop shotgunning and wasting your marketing spend.

Get All The Traffic & Leads You Need

My eye-catching, take-action targeted marketing campaigns find the right kind of customers –customers with the highest propensity to purchase.  Keep your pipeline full of serious, motivated prospects.

Lead Generation | Marvin Mauer
CRM - Conversion | Marvin Mauer

Leads to Purchasers: Faster, More Often

My CRM/SFA methods and sales support tools qualify leads quicker and convert opportunities to purchasers at a higher rate. Increase your close rates and make your time-to-close shrink.

Get Faster, Better Results With Proven Talent

My road-tested expertise removes the guesswork and produces an immediate return on your investment.

Marketing Solutions